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"There has never been a series of books like John R. Stevenson’s Pursuing A Jaques-Dalcroze Education—Solfège, Volume I, and Solfége Volume II. Discover a thorough approach to music theory, aural perception, sight-reading, improvisation, and more!"


Volume I

Volume I covers the lower pitch sets in Major Mode, the doh-to-doh scales, chromatic scales, and music form.  Volume I also includes the four "pure rhythmic modes" (anapest, dactylic, trochaic, iambic) plus amphibrach twice as fast and slow.  The text also introduces rhythm reading in the first unit using the seven Dalcroze clefs.  Also, the first unit traces the history of solmization beginning with Guido d'Arizzo.


Volume II

Volume II covers the lower pitch sets in minor mode, all three forms of the minor scale, the chromatic scales, and the pentatonic scales. It also introduces complement and pattern, syncopation and anacrusic phrasing.  Each unit continues to develop music form with tonicization and modulation to nearly related keys.  Also included is the introduction of the Neapolitan, Augmented, and Hungarian Gypsy trichords and tetrachords.  As in Volume I there are chapters on vocal improvisation and rhythmic and melodic dictation, plus an abundance of music literature for singing, improvising, and analysis. The text also incorporates a historical outline of the modes of the Middle Ages and the early church as developed by Swiss theorist, geographer, poet, and humanist, Heinrich Glarean (1488-1563).


Both texts are edited by Arthur E. Ostrander, Ph.D., Dean Emeritus, Ithaca College School of Music.  The two books are comprehensive reference books and solid training manual, with ample historical and theoretical context for the work of Jaques-Dalcroze. The books follow Jaques-Dalcroze’s logical design, developing pitch and rhythm skills concurrently. Numerous music examples and exercises provide practice with intervals, rhythmic modes, changing clef rhythm reading, sight-singing, improvisation, and more.  Finally, the text makes use of iBook’s capabilities with embedded audio files, interactive images, videos, and a pop-up glossary, helping students to study independently or in group settings.  Both texts are thoroughly indexed and have a comprehensive bibliography.

Solfège — Volume One and Two

Volume III — In production

Solfege Textbook

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