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President's Day


Monica Dale, Diplôme Supèrieur Candidate

February 18 - 19, 2018

SOLFÈGE: We will work on all major and harmonic minor doh-to-doh scales. In addition, we will study modulation to and from all neighboring keys in AB and ABA forms. We will cover all triads in the major and harmonic minor scales, in all inversions and the third espece seventh chords. IMPROVISATION: Jaques-Dalcroze improvisation is the Dalcrozians' primary tool for all music teaching. The use of improvisation in the classroom (especially piano improvisation) is the factor that renders Jaques-Dalcroze pedagogy unique among all the approaches to music teaching. We explore how improvisation can be used in the pedagogical process through melody, harmony, polyphony, and rhythm. Incorporated are suggestions for continued study and practice procedure. EURHYTHMICS: Jaques-Dalcroze Eurhythmics is the application of specific tools that allow Dalcrozians to experience music theory, form, and analysis as various physical sensations. We thoroughly investigate, analyze, and then link these sensations to the study of music and music theory within the four hours of Eurhythmics classes. MOVEMENT TECHNIQUE: This weekend we will begin a series of on-going sessions in technique corporelle for eurhythmicians who want to specialize in advanced Eurhythmics and Plastique Aimèe. Covered in the first sessions are alignment, balance, resistance, flow, line, and direction. Please bring a yoga block or a firm cushion or both.


  • 2:00 -  Technique
  • 3:30 -  Solfège
  • 4:30 -  Improv
  • 5:15 -  Supper
  • 6:30 -  Eurhythmics
  • 8:00 -  Solfège


  • 8:00 -  Breakfast
  • 9:00 -  Technique
  • 10:30 -  Improv
  • 11:15 -  Solfège
  • 12:00 -  Lunch
  • 1:00 -  Eurhythmics
  • 2:30 -  Solfège
  • 3:45 -  Improvisation
  • 5:00 -  End of day

Monica Dale, Diplôme Supèrieur Candidate (BA Connecticut College, MM Ithaca College) is a professional dancer, pianist Dalcroze Licentiate. She has taught all ages and levels, presents sessions for national dance and music teachers’ associations, and teaches each summer at Eastman School of Music and Kennedy Center. Monica formed MusiKinesis and has published seven books, including the 3-volume Eurhythmics for Young Children series. She is the Music Coordinator of the Dance Department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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