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Preparing for Teacher-Training Classes

Solfege Textbooks

All participants in any of our programs are expected to have a copy of the two volumes of Solfège by John R. Stevenson.  Each participant must have a copy, no sharing is allowed.  To purchase the two books please click here.


Supporting Materials

You will receive supporting materials via email including handouts and musical scores.  We do not use paper copies at the Institute.  If students are hoping to use a musical score in their student teaching must have these pieces in a PDF format on their device or computer.  We will deliver these files to all participants in advance of the lesson via email.


Dress Code:

Students are required to participate in all lessons without socks or shoes.  Also, clothing suitable for movement is required.  Gym shorts and a t-shirt is acceptable for men and women.



You will be required to practice Piano Improvisation and Solfège on a daily basis. We will teach you how to practice and expect that you follow our procedures. Yamaha Clavinova pianos with earphones (you may bring your own earphones) are available for all candidates all day and evening.  One of our graduate students will supervise your practice and help you with any of the material covered throughout the course.  Also, it may be necessary to practice certain Eurhythmics exercises.  Just let the graduate assistant know if you need help.



Missing any classes for any reason may disqualify you from taking the exams because our work in Jaques-Dalcroze Education is experiential, and therefore, without the experience, the education is invalid. Also, each candidate must earn the appropriate number of attendance hours for each course.


Exams Details and Grading System

There are three types of examinations: individual, group, and

pedagogy. Every exam is graded either as PASS or FAIL.


Individual Exams

The different exams will take place in the afternoon on DAY 5 of each Module. These exams include the Solfège and piano improvisation. Module I examinations will take approximately 10 minutes while Module II and III exams will take about 15 minutes.  Module IV and Module V exams are about 20 to 25 minutes each.  Each candidate will have an opportunity to review the test immediately before entering the examination room. In other words, as one candidate is tested the next candidate prepares.  We will work through this process for both subjects.


Group Exams

We will issue Eurhythmics examinations in small groups. The number within each group will depend on enrollment. The group exam is a ten to twenty-minute "mini lesson" that one member of the jury directs as the other members observe and evaluate. There is no preparation time for the Eurhythmics examination.


Pedagogy Exams

The candidates will do Pedagogy exams throughout the five days of training in Module II, III, IV, and V. There is no formal teaching test in Module I. Module I Pedagogy class will be reserved for demonstrations, discussions, and question and answer sessions. These classes will cover lesson planning and Jaques-Dalcroze didactics.


Throughout all other Modules, candidates must teach "mini-lessons." The length varies according to the Module.  Module II is about 15 minutes, Module III is about 30, and Module V is about 40 minutes.  The faculty will provide the subject matter of the lesson in cooperation with the candidate and work through the didactics with the candidate beforehand. We will record these lessons for teaching purposes only because discussing each lesson is a part of the pedagogy teaching process.


Also, expect faculty members to guide candidates in real time during the mini lesson. This technique is also part of the overall education process and is never a negative reflection on the candidate.  We will give each candidate three opportunities to teach a "mini lesson."  To pass the exam, the candidate must receive PASS of two out of the three lessons. If the candidate receives a second PASS, the applicant is exempt from teaching the third lesson.


Requirement for Certification Award

If candidates are successful with each examination, they will return home with a Certificate in their hands.  Please

know, however, that it is rare for all candidates to pass all of the courses and examinations. Therefore, disappointment is a possibility. These tests are challenging and require skill and practice and in many instances more time.  However, candidates who fail any Module exam may repeat that particular course and retake the test. We issue no exams without having repeated the course. Not passing any one of the exams after two additional opportunities will lead to dismissal from the program. Keep in mind that not everyone is destined to be a Dalcroze teacher. We are few in number for a good reason; it's difficult.


For those registered for Module I, failing to receive a PASS on any one of the Module examinations will result in having the candidate placed on probation during the Module II courses. Module I courses do not have to be repeated. Candidates on probation will receive particular attention so that they can get back on task and ready for the Module II examinations.


The student Handbook For Teachers is a good source the includes sample exam questions.  The text will provide an idea of what is expected.

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