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  • We give highly specialized in-house training so you can successfully pass the Jaques-Dalcroze examinations at any institution.
  • Throughout the entire experience, we regularly review the examinations and the examination process.  These examinations are like no others in higher education and more specifically in the music education field.  The Dalcroze exams require spontaneity, creativity, musicality and skill at the moment.  It is important that you perform at your best for the jury because in most cases the members of the jury will not know you or your work.  We choose and invite the jury members from outside the Institute specifically for that reason.


  • The requirement of the panel is to deciding if you are qualified and skillful as a teacher, a musician, and as a Dalcrozian.  The work of the jury is challenging because each jurist must reach a conclusion that will affect your future and the decision is based on what they hear, see, and experience at one moment in time.  That fact alone creates a degree of pressure for the jury but more importantly for you.  For that reason, this stress is something for which musical, physical and even psychological preparation is essential.


  • You must first communicate to the jury that you are relaxed, poised, and ready to perform.  Entering the room with confidence and poise is critical to your success, which is why we work to build your musical instincts and your self-assurance, by expanding your musicianship through movement technique, piano skills, ear training, and your improvisation.


  • There is no getting around having to convince the jury that you think and respond as a Dalcrozian.  The first step in the process to demonstrate your understanding of space and how to utilize it with your body.  You will need to show poise, balance, good posture, and accurate musical responsiveness.  For this reason, we will train your body as if it were a musical instrument.  From the very first lesson, we begin working on specific physical techniques starting with a walking technique that will allow you to physically and emotionally experience the music on time, in space, and with the appropriate force (resistance, energy).  Furthermore, we work on movement from the body's core or center and discover how it works to affect the arms, legs, hands, feet, and head.  We train the ear so that the body learns to respond to sound from the center with subtly and artistry.  The physical training not only provides a physical technique but confidence in your ability to reproduce music with your body.


  • Furthermore, we give you specific techniques that you will carry into the jury room so that you will be ready to succeed at harmonizing melodies, realizing bass lines, and improvising on rhythm phrases.  We design every assignment throughout the educational process so you can practice and perfect these techniques with the help of your graduate assistant. Therefore, you will feel prepared because you actually are prepared.  There will be no surprises, which really boosts your self-confidence.

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