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  • We offer the latest technology in our beautiful 'cushion-tone floors' for our Eurhythmics classes.
  • Our new floors are spectacular.  The floor looks like beautiful parquet hardwood, but it's better than hardwood.   Made in Utah by a family-owned business the 1.25" thick floor ships in 3 X 3 sections and then linked together with a soft mallet.  Our installation took one person about 3 hours.

  • The feel of the floor is a pure comfort.  The skin of your feet grips the surface with ease; it's never slick, and never sticky.  It is a safe and secure covering for all types of physical activity.  Also, the surface is antimicrobial and so easy to keep clean.


  • The new revolutionary support system under the surface is designed to protect your joints, prevent shin splints, pulled muscles, and back aches.  When jumping and hoping, the floor provides relief by giving just a bit and then springing back.


  • For students not accustomed to a lot of movement over a short time, this floor is a blessing.  It is ideal for anyone who wants to care for their body and let the next morning backache and tight caves remain in the past.

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