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IMPROVISATION: Jaques-Dalcroze improvisation is a distinctive approach to music making which is specially designed to incite movement through the use of subtle techniques employed with the voice, hand drum, but most importantly at the piano. We explore these techniques in depth through atonal music making.  We will explore design, motive, repetition, and sequence as we learn to create melodies and chords without formal tonality.


SOLFÈGE: Review all the basic parameters such as the Chord Classes, Doh-to-Doh Scales in major and harmonic minor, singing with function, and pitch placement, the seven clefs, transposition, tonicization, and modulation.  Work on tetrachords and triads will also be included.


EURHYTHMICS: Jaques-Dalcroze Eurhythmics is the application of specific tools that allow Dalcrozians to experience music theory, form, and analysis as specific physical sensations.   We thoroughly investigate, analyze, and then link these sensations to the study of music and music theory.  Movement technique and Plastique Animée classes are also included.


Columbus Day

October 8 — 9, 2017

Peace and All Good, School Sisters of St. Francis.


  • 8:00 -  Breakfast
  • 9:00 -  Eurhythmics
  • 10:30 -  Improv
  • 11:15 -  Solfège
  • 12:00 -  Lunch
  • 1:00 -  Eurhythmics
  • 2:30 -  Solfège
  • 3:45 -  Improvisation
  • 5:00 -  End of day


  • 2:00 -  Eurhythmics
  • 3:30 -  Solfège
  • 4:30 -  Improv
  • 5:15 -  Supper
  • 6:30 -  Eurhythmics
  • 8:00 -  Solfège


Françoise Lombard, Diplôme Supèrieur

Françoise Lombard is a musician and a teacher of both Eurhythmics and the 'Art of Listening'. Having gained the Diplôme of the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze and graduated from the Geneva Conservatoire (piano, harmony), she began to train teachers of Eurhythmics in Bienne (Switzerland). She then undertook training in the 'Art of Listening' (the method of François Louche), which she now teaches to artists, teachers and therapists in Europe and Quebec. She lives in Montreal and divides her professional life between Eurhythmics, 'Art of Listening' and composition.

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